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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has a well established reputation for high quality research and development and a strong record of participation in commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. Research takes place within all of our clinical directorates, inspired by the successes of our internationally recognised researchers in areas such as neurosciences and diabetes.

Our mission is to 'Support the Trust’s strategic care programmes by developing a research rich culture and environment which is based on research strengths, targeted investment and collaborative research.'



World first blood test reduces risk and increases accuracy in prenatal testing

9th November 2015
Research into a simple, acurate and low risk blood test that can detect fetal blood group, sex, and genetic condition in unborn babies.

AllTrials Campaign - It's never too late to publish a forgotten or abandoned clinical trial.

25th September 2014
This week we’re telling five stories of researchers who published trials that were at risk of being lost forever. The researchers have ensured that the results of 1245 patients’ contributions in the trials are now available. Yet trials involving hundreds of thousands more patients remain unreported and unused. By highlighting how some researchers were able to share their results, we are showing others how they can make their trials count.

Relatives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis needed to help us PREVeNT RA!

23rd January 2014
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is characterised by joint swelling and stiffness. We want to study people who are close blood relatives of someone with rheumatoid arthritis, but do not have the disease themselves, in order to identify risk factors for developing RA and find ways to PREVeNT it. If you have a parent, brother or sister, or child with rheumatoid arthritis but do not have RA yourself, please get in touch!


Research Governance (GCP) Training

10th Jan 2017
This course is designed to ensure that when conducting medical research the rights, safety and well-being of patients are always protected and that the quality of data collected is high. The course covers Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and the EU Directives, UK Regulations and Research Governance Framework requirements covering clinical trials and other NIHR Portfolio studies conducted within the NHS. The course will also reinforce the importance of keeping up-to-date with developments. If you are on a study delegation log it is Trust policy that you are in possession of a current (less than 2 years old) GCP training attendance certificate To check your status on the R&D training log / further information / book a place / receive an electronic copy of an attendance certificate please contact: Julie or Victoria on plh-tr.researchandinnovation@nhs.net tel 432197/439992


NIHR Funding Opportunities

Current research funding opportunities for researchers, research teams and organisations.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Travel to learn – return to inspire… We fund British citizens to investigate inspiring practice in other countries, and return with innovative ideas for the benefit of people across the UK.

Health related Funding opportunities

Latest funding opportunities

MRC - Medical Research Council. Leading science for better ... How we fund research... Apply for funding. Click on 'more' for futher information and links.


What is Innovation?

NHS Innovation is the application of new ideas to provide benefits to the NHS and patients. These benefits may be new or improved products, processes or services resulting in cost saving and improving patient care, not necessarily making money.

There are three types of innovation;

A new product i.e. a piece of equipment to be used in a surgical intervention.

A new process i.e. patient notes being transferred between clinics to save time.

A new service i.e. telephone follow up service.

This area of the website provides detailed information and resources covering aspects of innovation within the Trust and how the Research and Development Department can help.